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Custom Woodworking

As much as we enjoy restoring furniture and such for our clientel, we must admit that Custom Woodworking is where our hearts lie. In this field of work, Uri is given the ability to show his true talents with wood and his tools (many of which are nearly 100 years old!). If you are considering having something built up custom for yourself, begin the conversation and call today! 


Create the piece of your dreams! 

Biblical Style Furniture
Armoire made from photo in magazine.
India Doors Armoire
Custom made Writing Boxes Stands
Custom made Buffet Table
Custom Armoire w/Beautiful Carvings
Custom Medieval Headboard
Biblical Style Furniture
Biblical Style Furniture
Biblical Style Furniture
Biblical Style Furniture
Mrs. Walgreens Chairs Legs
Custom Chairs for Mrs. Walgreens
Duplicating Antique Chairs
Duplicating Antique Chairs
Custom made Jug for Statue
Custom made Bed Frame
Custom made Bed Frame

Uri has built custom: Desks, Chairs, Armoires, Dressers, Coffee Tables, Regular Tables, Beds, Birdhouses, Mailboxes, and more! There is no limit to what can be built! 

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